Few young entrepreneurs in Africa have survived being accused of murder and colliding with two cars that cracked their skulls.


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Thank you, Bheki kunene, for the beautiful books you've shared. I've read about five books now that I all got from your account, and they were all good reads. Thank you. Do keep sharing plenty more, and if you have any book recommendations for someone busy trying to get back on his feet after hitting rock bottom, it will be highly appreciated

Nash Likius

Hi Bheki
I was recently introduced to your company and the work you do by a friend, and I must say, my brother, you are truly inspiring. Keep up the excellent job; I am an aspiring self-taught web dev and a drawing major. Mortar inspiration from watching all the work you have done. Big up, my brother

Prince Blackpolarbear

Hallo Bheki
i am Jonatha from Kampala Uganda
I have been following you on social media

Jonathan Malaba Wabwire

I was watching under40 CEOs, and you and your tone inspire me, so I thought I would text you for mentorship as I want to start my own business but do not know how to implement the vision